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HTML5 Doctype Tutorial: Learn HTML5 Doctype basic concept, HTML5 Doctype Reference Guide, Know what are HTML5 Doctype, HTML5 Doctype Examples. In this page to learn the HTML5 Doctype definition, the Purpose of using HTML5 Doctype, and how to use HTML5 Doctype on a web page with examples. Follow and Like us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest for the latest posts.

HTML5 Doctype Tutorial: What is HTML Doctype?

HTML Doctype: <!DOCTYPE html> is used for creating a HTML5 document, It is easy to use other from Xhtml.

Example of Doctype in HTML5 Document.
< !DOCTYPE html > /* Doctype Definition*/
< html >
< body >
< h1 > My First Heading < /h1 >
< /body >
< /html >

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